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Running for Brews celebrates our love for fitness and craft brews. We meet a local bars, run a 2 or 3.1 mile route, and then drink delicious craft brews at the finish. With over 10,000+ members nationwide, RFB is continuously gathering like-minded runners to socialize and have some fun. Find Out How It All Began

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Local Beer Run Club | 5k & Craft Beers

Whether you can run a mile or run 50 miles, this running club is all about meeting people new in town, drinking craft beers, and enjoying fitness with a beautiful run. Check out the gallery to see some fun pictures of Running for Brews across the country. RFB gives local friends the opportunity to train for races, socialize with local professionals, and tour the city during a run.

First Time Running Tips - Don't be shy, your local running Organizer will help you mingle with the crowd. Come with friends or by yourself to the special events, weekly runs, or big fundraisers. Running for Brews 5k run club is a great place to feel welcome to exercise and drink some craft brews. See you soon!

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