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Running for Brews Viera meets every week to run and then drink some brews together.

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What Do I Need To Know? Please understand that we are the most chill running club in the world. All levels welcome to join and it is FREE. Just fill out a waiver, show up, and join us for a beautiful run. It is that easy.

Running for Brews Viera - Combining weekly runs, social events, themed runs, and charity events completes the full circle of how and why Running for Brews continues to grow. Each location meets on a weekly basis, runs a 5k-designated route, and then enjoys brews and great conversation with like-minded folks.

Social Running Defined - All levels of runners are welcome to attend any Running for Brews event. It is not a race, and your goal is to meet new people in the Viera Area. If you have trouble meeting new people, then talk to your local RFB Organizer. They might be able to make an introduction if you ask politely.

Do you DRINK before you run? 99.9% do NOT drink before we run. You do not have to drink AT ALL to join a Running for Brews. Most runners/walkers enjoy a brew post-run as a "Victory Brew" for burning some calories!

Viera Special Social Events - See the Facebook Events List

Sean & Sandra - Sean & Sandra have many passions in life - one being the local RFB! Helping others and meeting new people are just a few of them. Sean is a Texas Brat and Sandra is born and raised in Europe(Sweden). Get to know your RFB Viera Coordinators and you will soon see why they LOVE what they do!! Orgainzer

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Longdoggers Viera - 5k Thursday Nights

One of the best bars in Viera! No matter Rain or Shine they can accommodate a BIG crowd indoors or outdoors :) DO NOT leave without tasting their exclusively created Long Doggers craft beer, HATTERES RED. It is even more delicious after you've made it back from our RFB Viera 5K.

Check out the website Longdoggers Viera

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Running for Brews 5k - Hot Off The Press

Since 2012, Running for Brews has been featured for some of our crazy antics all over the country. Our faves below:

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Running & Socializing over Craft Beers

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